The Secret To staying Motivated Every Day of Your Life!

The Secret To staying Motivated Every Day of Your Life!Part of my professional business involves the use of stories and

metaphors to bring about change through subliminal neurological connections and so when I saw this book advertised I immediately thought ”I will have seen all of these before” but I couldn’t have been  further from the truth. Adebola must have spent a great deal of time in collecting together some of the best inspirational stories and presenting them so simply and so well, I am impressed. This book is a wonderful compilation of stories which is destined to do just as the author intended, to inspire and lead you on to better things. There are stories here to touch, affect or inspire anybody who takes the time to read and consider. Adebola restricts his introduction to a single page and leaves the stories to work their own magic. If you ever feel lacking in inspiration or just need your spirits lifted this is the book for you. My guarantee to you is that if you pick up this book and read you will put the book down in a totally different and uplifted state. This book makes for great bedtime reading as when can be a better time to take in inspiration as when you are settling down to refresh your body with sleep. This book makes for a positive contribution to your day if read over breakfast, indeed I can think of no better start to the day. This book could be used to put some positive back into your flagging concentration at work by acting as an over lunch pick-me-up. With its huge variation of material and sources this book offers to give a boost to team training, motivating staff and or encouraging family members or friends to look for inspiration in these words. I think that this book can be read cover to cover, subject to subject or by just dipping in and extracting some positive from the widely varying themes. I recommend this book wholeheartedly and know that its author will be very satisfied with the changes it will bring about in many peoples lives. Roger Macdivitt, Cert. Hypnotherapist and NLP consultant Adebola’s inspirational storybook is full of wonderful stories that

will touch your heart in many different ways. You will find yourself

learning some great life lessons you will ponder, laugh and even cry over. Sometimes we feel we can’t justify taking time out of our busy schedules

just to read inspirational stories but that is just what we need to give

us a

different outlook on life. Feeding our spirit through inspirational stories

should be considered just as important or even more important than our

other responsibilities because when we have a better outlook on things,

we are better able to perform at our responsibilities. Adebola’s


Storybook is one to keep and read a story here and there throughout your


to lift up your spirits when you need it. Blessings and Success,Lori Arriagahttp://www.christianwomensresources.comWhere we strengthen the home and family.Not since the original Chicken Soup books has there been any book

of stories so inspiring as Adebola A. Oni’s “Super Stories.” You

will be moved by what your read. Roy E. KlienwachterAuthor “Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle” A Despondent and Timid Guy Changed His Life By Discovering A Secret!He is now an Author, an Entrepreneur and coaching people from different parts of the world! Your letter is touching and I have been heavy hearted for so long. I can’t thank you enough for you knowledge and trying to help other all in the same time. I’m growing and learning and soon putting the knowledge in action then giving

back.I want to thank you so much for taking the time to put down in words … food for others like myselfThank youMichael M. NASA/KSC/JBOSC GraphicsFirst I would like to congratulate you on your VERY WONDERFUL newsletter….It’s

FANTASTIC…I really enjoy reading it and it really affects my life!!..I jump out of bed

each day just to open my mail and read you newsletter…Yomna (Egypt) Dear Bola,I’m lucky today because I’ve discovered a great book.I love to read and learn from books of such topic. Yours is great though

I’ve only read the first 2 chapters. Stanley (Singapore) Do you think you can NEVER achieve your dreams?Do you think it is difficult to rise from that blowthat fate has dealt you? Do you think LOVE is an illusion you may NEVER achieve?Do you also think you were born to be a person of low self esteem or that you can NEVER conquer your fears?In case you fit into any of the categories described above, PLEASE read on!From The Desk of Adebola OniDear Friend, I am so glad you found out about this page. It is surely a discovery worth making. I also believe your life will NEVER remain the same after reading this letter.I am certain you don’t know anything about me and if you do, it would have been something somebody has told you about me. I believe it will be better if I let you into my world so that you can understand where I was coming from and how I got to where I am now.At a very tender age, I have been facing hard times. My parents separated while I was six years of age and growing up was not really a bed of roses for me at all. My mother went through a lot of hassles in order to raise us, me and my two sisters. She had to take on menial jobs at times in order to provide for us. The pain was too much to bear, but there is hardly anything we can do because of our tender age.Our mother struggled to send us to schools and I was able to get into the University studying Mechanical Engineering. In my early years at the University, it was just like I was in a lost land. I couldn’t mingle with my mates because I wasn’t sure I was up to their level, a complex. I also grew up to be a timid person. I hardly voice out my opinions amongst people, even when I have one.Even while studying in the University, the future was very bleak. I was not sure what I will become in life. Every passing day is an harrowing one for me because I always realize with each passing day, my graduation is drawing nearer. I was just terrified whenever I saw myself not becoming anything in life. I’m always praying to God to help me out of my predicament.THEN COMES THE SAVIOUR! One fateful evening, I went to visit a friend in his hostel and I saw a book lying on his bed. The title intrigued me so much that I decided to have a peek inside. The introduction alone caught my attention and I had to take the book back to my room. My life has NEVER remained the same since the day I took the book with me. Inside the book were numerous, challenging, and at the same time, inspiring stories of people who have gone from disappointment to success. Those who have overcome the obstacles of their lives to achieve so much in their lives. It also opened my eyes to the advantages of my talents if I just dare to exploit them.I just couldn’t believe the wisdom inside the book and I started wondering why I had not been reading this type of book from the day I started reading. I made my mind up afterwards to be a fanatic of inspirational books! I can’t really say how many I have read since then because I have lost count.One feature I enjoy most in all the books I have read, are the stories of people that have been able to achieve something with their lives. I was able to relate more to those movie stories than any other thing that had been said by the author. These stories strengthened the little belief I have in myself and it made me develop a philosophy that if anyone can achieve anything, then I can also do same and if I can, others can too.The man that I discovered later that really left a deep impact on my life, and made everything I had been reading more meaningful to me, was Jim Rohn. I wondered why I hadn’t heard of him before. I just saw one of his articles in a local magazine and what I read left me breathless for weeks! THIS MAN IS JUST AWESOME! His story telling skills are unrivalled.The story I read that day was about the ants. I have never heard or read anybody describe the ants in such a beautiful way. I never knew there were lessons I could learn from the ants until that fateful night. I just couldn’t sleep immediately I dropped the magazine. I stood up the next day and was still thinking about the story of the ants. Click here to read that story and discover what I learned that day. Afterwards, I became stuck to this man and I have read virtually all of his books. He really challenged me to design the kind of life I want! I have also read several stories of people who were able to leave a mark on this world by being their own boss. These stories made me make the decision to follow the path of an entrepreneur. I decided to take my fate in my own hands.DEALT A CRUEL BLOW When I first started out on this journey, I faced so many challenges that a normal human being would have called it quits at that moment. One thing I have discovered is that whatever I am passing through, I always find out in the stories I read, that there is somebody else who has passed through it and has been able to overcome the same challenges. This gives me the needed courage to battle on.I have suffered so many things like rejections, low esteem, disappointments, unbelieving people around me, I have also suffered losses of various degrees. In all these things I discovered that, instead of having my resolve wane it always become strengthened and I am always moving on.If there is any loss that I still remember with great memory is what happened to me in 2003. That was when I started out in business. One major obstacle I had then was finance. I couldn’t raise the needed funds to start but as fate would have it, about $1000 was invested in the business I was planning to start then. I saw this as a sign of good fortune but lo and behold about three months later, THE MONEY WAS GONE! I was back to square one! Everything went into thin air. The same fate that I thought was on my side, had dealt me a cruel blow! :( A TIME TO DECIDE IS HERE!After suffering this loss, I didn’t know what to do next. There were pressures coming from all angles for me to dump my dream and get a job. I was at the verge of indecision and was wondering what to do next. It was a trying moment in my life. It is either I move on or I call it quits.After being in this state for several months, a saviour came out of the blues. It came in the form of a book containing several inspirational stories that I will NEVER forget for the rest of my life. The book, “Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do,” solved this problem of indecision for me. The book was filled with stories of how the writer, Rev. Robert Schuller, went through hell and was still able to make success out of all his predicaments. That was the answer I was looking for at that moment!When I finished reading this book, I knew I had no option than to continue pursuing my dreams. I knew quitting was NEVER going to be an option and I resolved that no matter what I pass through in my journey through life, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! I have also had several encounters that a story I have read had been able to bail me out of.This explains why I chose to become a story teller in trying to help encourage people to live their dreams and make it a reality, no matter what is happening to them. When I decided to start my newsletter last year, I was always wondering the best way to go in order to affect people’s lives positively. I decided to go the story way and all to His glory, there have been so many testimonials to this. The mails I have been getting since I started the newsletter, have always left me speechless.I really liked the story of ‘How things seem… The

one about the king and his best friend…It’s really terrific…I LOVE IT!!…I keep on

reading it EVERYDAY…I sent it to ALL my friends and we spent the last 2 days talking

about it…It is really THE BEST STORY I’ve EVER read!!…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!YOU REALLY ARE!!!!!!Yomna (Egypt)Dear Adebola,Hello!I finished reading your book yesterday. Powerful stuff!It was charged with a certain energy. Whenever I was reading it, I felt like fireworks were going off on the inside of me and that I could do anything I wanted to. It gave me hope and encouragement.Karen C. (USA) Dear Adebola,I think my angels sent your message to me because I am getting ready to

file for a divorce from my husband after 32 years of mental abuse. I am scared to death, but I know I have to do this. I must act now to live the life I was meant to live. I have been praying for words of encouragement, strength, and faith; and there was your message. Thank you.Sincerely,Linda T.(USA) Then the idea to share all the stories that have been help to me in my journey through life, came to me. I embraced this idea whole heartedly because I believe that if those stories have helped me, they will help anyone who reads and believe them. I also considered the mails I have been receiving and I came to the decision to go ahead and get this done.I was on this task for several months, sometimes having to sleep very late in the night. Dear friend, I am glad to inform you that you are about to have in your hand access to the best of inspirational stories that have helped me so much and will leave a deep impact on your life. No matter the situation you are passing through, these stories will help you out one way or the other.If you are at the verge of quitting your dreams, at a point where you think you cannot find true love, if you have suffered rejections, or you are surrounded by people who don’t believe in you or your dreams and tell you following your dream is a perpetual waste of time, there is an inspirational story waiting inside this book to inspire you. I have taken the time to research all the problems anyone on this earth can face and I have taken the time to provide a solution through an inspirational story.GET YOUR COPY NOW!One belief I have always held on to, is that if anything can happen to anybody, it can also happen to me and if it can happen to me, it can also happen to you, or to any other person. So if these inspirational stories can affect my life and those of several others, positively, it can also do same for yours too. These inspirational stories have helped me achieve a lot in the process of pursuing my dreams and it will also do the same for you. This is a partial list of what these stories bother on :…and so much more.This inspirational book also contains inspirational quotes (about 100) that will be giving you inspiration everyday of your life. This book is definitely a wealth of information that will be your best acquisition this year. It will also be a valuable reference for you anytime you are facing a situation, or when you need to cheer somebody else up.I have used so many stories in this book to give hope to so many lives. How will you feel if somebody comes to you for advice and you tell them a story that will affect their life? What will be the feeling if somebody comes to you and tells you a story you shared with them has helped them make some changes in their life? Imagine how that will make you feel? This has been my lot ever since I started my newsletter. It can be the same for you too. So your getting this book may not be for yourself alone. It may also offer you an opportunity to affect other people’s lives as well. So if you feel you may not need these stories, have you thought of the various lives that will be touched by you and these stories? Have you thought of the instant credibility you will achieve by sharing some of these stories?If you haven’t bothered thinking about this, then you need to do that NOW! Out there are various souls that are dependent on you and that will still come your way in years to come. What if they needed your help and you seem to be helpless? With this life-changing inspirational book, you will never be found wanting when it comes to wisdom.Hi Adebola!Thank you SO MUCH for the e-book! I read some of the stories, and so far, they are

so touching! Some even made me cry a tear or two….

DeeAnn M. Hi Adebola,I have read your book.The following stories were inspirational and jumpedout or talked to me.Not Just a Mum.Be Patient.Lesson from the Brooklyn bridge.Whosoever takes the son gets everything.Keep your fork. Your “super stories – Life changing Inspirational stories “were written in simple language and easy to read. Your “super stories” also have beautiful life lessons aboutovercoming obstacles which may look, sound and feeloverwhelming. Peace, Cecil.EYC Relaxation Expert.Empty Your Cup What a great collection of stories! I just finished reading it and am quite impressed. If you ever want to send someone a few words to lift their sprits, this is the perfect resource. Some stories made me smile, some made me think, and others brought tears to my eyes. I’ll just bet this is one book that I will come back to again and again. A real feel-good experience. Thank you Adebola for putting this together for us all!Judy WoodsonFOR HOW MUCH?I have been wondering how much I should give this to you, that will be a good offer to you. Actually, I was looking at how valuable this book is and was wondering what the price should be at par with the value and all the sleepless nights I had putting all the stories together. I initially wanted to charge $47, that’s just what my mind settled for, but my desire is for the book to get into the hands of so many people. That means I will have to go lower than I envisioned. So for now, I don’t want to charge you $47 or even $30, I won’t even consider $25! Remember, there is a need for every home to have a copy of this book, so for a LIMITED time, I will be giving out this inspirational book at a heavily discounted price of $19.95!Why am I doing this and how long will it last? I will reiterate it again and again, I want this book to get into the hands of as many people as possible so that explains why the book is being sold at this giveaway price. The clause on this price is that it will only be available for the next one month. What this means is that between July 3rd and August 3rd 2006, this book will be sold for $19.95 and as from 3rd of August 2006 the price will increase to a price I have not decided on yet. It may have to be $47 or whatever, but I can’t say for now. If I am not sure of what the price will be after it increased from this initial price, one thing I am sure of is that it will surely INCREASE by the given date. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!I’m Throwing In $900 Worth Of FREE Bonuses…In addition to getting this book at this giveaway price, I will also like to give you these gifts as bonuses. I have taken my time to go through all of them and I am assuring you that they will be of great help to you.Napoleon Hill’s Success Secrets Revealed – $17How many times have you read the book, Think and Grow Rich? So many people have read this life-changing book several times and still haven’t figured out the principles in the book.This ebook should be called, Think and Grow Rich Simplified. It takes all the principles inside the book and gives it to you in a simple and easy to understand manner.  Millionaire Mindest Secret – $17What makes the successful stand out from those who are not? That is what you will learn from this ebook and how you too can develop a Millionaire’s mindset so that you can achieve all you want to achieve  The Secret To Winning Every time – $27Discover the Secret To Happiness, Unlimited Achievement & Success, Better Relationships… and More! Learn how to Stop Struggling Stop Fighting Stop Wasting Time … and START Winning inside this book   Free Access To A Private Site- $297Do you really know what you want in life? Do you know how to get what you want? Do you have the required energy to get what you want in life? I will give you FREE access to 18 audios and Videos that will help you so much in answering these questions..   Successful People, Successful Thoughts – $17A collection of quotes and thoughts from successful people. It is something you will really enjoy. It has always been said that when you want to be successful, the best thing to do is to ask those who are. This is what this book is all about.   How to Get Far More Accomplished – $13 If it has always been your desire to accomplish more in your life, if it has been your desire to see that you do away with procrastination, then this is the book to read.It contains 113 tips and tricks that will help you boost your productivity and do away with procrastination.   Taking Stock – $17This ebook is a self-assessment guide to creating a wonderful life. Somebody said an unexamined life is not worth living.For you to move into the next level of your life, you need to know where you are. This is what this book will help you to achieve.A must read for all who desire progress in life.   The 5-Minute Miracle – $27 Do you know that there is a force behind love? This wonderful ebook will open your eyes to the power of love and how you can apply it.   101 Golden Keys to Sucess and Fulfillment In Life – $27Is it your desire to become successful and fulfilled in life? Then this is the book you need to go through. It contains 101 success nuggets that you will certainly need in order to achieve your heart desires.  101 Steps To Success – $17

Most people want to be successful in life. There are goals set and then the hard work begins to reach those goals. The question is what is success?Regardless of what your specific success is, there are ways to surpass your goal. This ebook contains 101 tips that can be used for any success.These are ways to better yourself as a person, proven methods you can apply to reach success.  101 Steps To Better Health – $27 Of what good will all your success amount to if you are not in good health. It is my desire in 2006, that you will be in good health and prosper as your soul prospers.This ebook contains tips upon tips for both health and fitness that will help you lose weight, discover ways to maintain a better healthy lifestyle, and be in the best shape of your life – all the smart way!  Guaranteed Success Thinking – $47

This is a 2 in 1 package. When you download this ebook, you will also be able to get the audio as well. Whichever one you choose to make use of, you still WIN. I listen to the audio everyday and I am always being blessed listening to the words of wisdom from Jimmy’s mouth. If this is all I could ever offer you as a bonus for getting my book, by the time you listen to it, you won’t ask for more.  OTHER BONUSES:”Finding Time to Relax” 7-day Relaxation Course. – $250

Cecil has a “sacred voice” that relaxes and clears your mind. Learn simple

exercises and tools for improving your health and productivity in only 1

minute per day. You will receive one lesson every day for the next 7 days.

  32 Affirmation Cards – $14 This contains 32 affirmations you can print out and paste anywhere you can see it. Since we all know the power of affirmations, this ebook will be of great help to you in getting what you want in life.  Perfect Lawn By Pauline Hodgkinson- $27 This is a perfect guide to having a beautiful and problem free lawn. If you want your lawn to really look nice then you have to read this ebook.   Bible Promises – $27 Do you really know the promises God has for you? Inspite of all situations you are passing through, do you know that God has a plan for you? In case you are not sure, then you need to read this ebook. it is an eye-opener to the plans of God for man.   Inspiration For The Happy Heart – $17 Written by Patricia Ritseman van Eck, this ebook contains collections of inspirational stories, poems and anecdotes that will keep you motivated throughout the year.   This implies that for ordering this book now, you will get over $900 worth of ebooks and resources.  GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!Guarantee100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK Read “Super Inspirational Stories.” If it’s not everything that you had hoped for and you are not completely satisfied, send it back, within the next 56 days, and you will get a no hassle refund of every penny of your money — no questions asked. That’s more than a guarantee, that’s a promise. NOTE:Once your payment has been verified, you will have instant access to the book, which will be in Adobe pdf format Super Stories by Adobola A. Oni is one of the best collections of inspirational stories that I have read. I truly think it is a great way to start you day. The stories are designed to make you think and work though out the day on improving your self. They are all short enough you can read on with in minutes that will give you food for thought though out your day. I would suggest anyone that want to start your day in a postive way to order your copy today! Create a great day!Johnny FordThis is to your success this year and beyond,Copyright © 2006 Super Inspirational

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