Sony Ericsson Jalou with zodiac theme

ramalan bintang zodiak shioThe three outstanding colours of the phone in the diamond shaped casing is one interesting feature of the phone. However, there is much more to Sony Ericsson Jalou. The handset has zodiac theme features which mean that when the phone goes in standby mode, the screen of Sony Ericsson Jalou displays zodiac signs of the user. This compact and light weight phone is a flip and a Dolce and Gabbana designer casing with a finish of 24 carat gold.

Let us see the phone in details below:

The dual screen this 1. Ramalan Bintang Zodiak Shio ( ( 82cm by 4.5cm by 7.3 cm measuring phone which weighs eighty four grams is one of the most prominent features of the handset. The external screen of the phone measures 1.3 inches and the internal screen measures 2 inches once it is measured diagonally. The screen offers 262 thousand colours and a high screen resolution which enables the users to enjoy amazing pictures. The internal screen also acts like mirror when required.The handset has GSM quad band network coverage and also 3G HSDPA network coverage so that better signals can be enjoyed by the user.

Memory wise, there is 100 megabytes of RAM in the phone and the additional card slot for memory, which is further used to increase the memory of the phone.350 hours on standby mode and seven hours on the GSM network is enjoyed by the user when the phone is charged completely.

The designer phone has amazing entertainment features like a 3.2 megapixel camera that has some of the most amazing features that aid in clicking videos as well as doing still photography. One can use geo tagging, photo fix and digital zoom features along with enjoying the facility of video calling.There is a music player in the handset that is capable with TrackID and PlayNow features for a better music listening experience of the user.For connectivity on Sony Ericsson Jalou, one can have Bluetooth, EDGE technology, GPRS, 3G HSDPA technology and USB port.

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