Hazed and Confused Part Two.. Interview With Indy Legend Miss Chiff

 twin peaks seasons 1-2 dvd collectionGood Morning, Afternoon and Evening and welcome yet again to another fun packed edition of Cheap Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Hazed & Confused. Since the last article the Indy scene seems to be in full swing, with quite a few events held over the past few weeks and future events being booked.

CZW recently held their tenth anniversary show in The Arena, Philadelphia.

Quick results from the event are as follows:

1. Drew Gulak defeated Little Mondo

2. Sami Callihan defeated Jon Dahmer

3. Adam Cole and Tyler Veritas won the “Old vs. New” Tag Team Gauntlet

- The order of entrants, and order of elimination is as follows:

- The S.A.T. defeated L.J. Cruz and Izzy Kensington

- 2.0 defeated the S.A.T.

- Cole and Veritas defeated 2.0

- Cole and Veritas defeated A.M.I.L.

- Cole and Veritas defeated GNC (Gacy and Colon)

4. Sabian defeated Ego Fantastico

5. Drew Blood defeated Pinkie Sanchez

Seasons 1-2 Luke Cage 6. The Best Around and El Sexisto defeated 2 Girls 1 Cup and Lord Everett Devore

7. Devon Moore defeated Ruckus

8. Ryan McBride defeated Carter Gray to retain the Jr. Heavyweight Title

9. The H8 Club defeated Brain Damage and Deranged in a Fans Bring The Weapons Match

After seeing this on DVD, it had to be one of the most brutal matches in CZW’s history.

The H8 Club took advantage early, using, believe it or not, a machete to carve and gouge at the eye of Deranged, rendering him useless, and allowing them to gain a virtual 2-on-1 on Brain Damage.

The H8 Club finished Brain Damage with a huge Superplex off the top through a barbed wire laden door, propped on chairs.

What happened next was to the surprise of everyone in the Arena…

10. Sami Callihan defeated Brain Damage to become the NEW CZW Iron Man Champion

Callihan stormed the ring with Referee Nick Pappagiorgio wrapped up in a blanket over his shoulder, and shoveled the unwilling official into the ring.

With the threat of a chair and further aggression, Pappagiorgio sanctioned an immediate match up, where Callihan picked up the H8 Club’s scraps, added a few more unneeded blows, and pinned an already beaten Brain Damage to win the Iron Man Championship.

11. Drake Younger defeated Eddie Kingston in a No Rope Barbed Wire Match to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Championship

Also, for those who have been following my articles, you will know that I keep mentioning the Chikara run tournament, King Of Trio’s coming up at the end of March, well all 16 teams have now been announced and are as follows:

1. The Masters of a Thousand Holds (Mike Quackenbush, Jorge “Skayde” Rivera & Johnny Saint)

2. The Osirian Portal (Ophidian, Amasis & Escorpion Egipcio)

3. Incoherence buy Suits Seasons 1-4 (Hallowicked, Delirious & Frightmare)

4. Team PWG (El Generico, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)

5. The Future Is Now (Lince Dorado, Helios & Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen)

6. The Death Match Kings (Necro Butcher, Toby Klein & Brain Damage)

7. The F1RST Family (Arik Cannon, Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz)

8. Da Soul Touchaz (Willie Richardson, Trauma & Marshe Rockett)

9. Team CZW (Beef Wellington, Pinkie Sanchez & Greg Excellent)

10. The Cold Front (Al Snow, Iceberg & Glacier)

11. F.I.S.T. (Gran Akuma, Chuck Taylor & Icarus)

12. The Roughnecks (Brodie Lee, Eddie Kingston & Grizzly Redwood)

13. Team Uppercut (Claudio Castagnoli, Dave Taylor & Bryan Danielson)

14. Team EPIC WAR (Austin Aries, Tony Kozina & Ryan Drago)

15. The UnStable (Vin Gerard, STIGMA & Colin Season 3 The Americans dvd Delaney)

16. Team DDT (Kota Ibushi, KUDO & Michael Nakazawa)

Quite an impressive collection of teams there and pretty hard for me to pick a favorite to win The X-Files dvd tournament, with most of the teams having a very good chance at doing so. Though I imagine I’m not the only one hoping to see a “HEAD” Shot in the tournament.

So anyway, I decided to do something different and special from the other articles here at TWG and after some thinking I decided that it would be great to actually interview an Indy wrestler.

So with nothing to lose, I sent an email out to my personal favorite Indy wrestler, Mike Quackenbush, and much to my surprise he agreed to answer a few questions for me and some suggested by other people at TWG.

Due to his work and schedule however, the answers are fairly short but I hope you will agree with me that Quackenbush doing this interview for me is nothing short of awesomeness.

So without further delay, an interview with Quack…

Thank you Mike for joining me on Hazed & Confused, hopefully you’re the first of many exclusive interviews.

Most of my readers will know you mainly from Chikara and some as the current NWA Junior Champion.

I have asked some of the games members to think of questions to ask you, and we have quite a mixed bunch..

We’ll start off with some wrestling based ones and finish off with some random questions…

So without further delay on with the questions…

1) Did you have any major setbacks starting in the business?

–The fact that I wasn’t properly trained when I had my earliest matches was a huge setback. I was never going to be taken seriously or get a chance to work in a real company until I got some legitimate training.

2) What has been your personal favorite match so far?

—I am very fond of my match with Claudio Castagnoli from the 2006 edition of the Ted Petty Invitational.

3) Who have you had the most fun wrestling against and teaming with?

—Claudio brings out the best in me. I enjoy teaming with Jigsaw, or any of my trainees, really.

4) Have you ever been “star-struck” when meeting other wrestlers around the world?

—I was a little bit when I wrestled El Hijo del Santo. He has a magical presence about him.

5) How do you feel on the way CHIKARA is going?

—I think we are doing a great job of altering the accepted status quo in the wrestling business, and we’re doing it very quietly, but effectively.

6) With the upcoming King Of Trios, which team would you like to compete against more?

—I’d very much like to lock horns with the PWG or DDT teams.

7) If WWE offered you a contract, but it meant giving up working at CHIKARA, would you take it?

—I wouldn’t accept a WWE contract no matter what it said or stipulated. Even if Vince McMahon came over and agreed to wash my car and gave me the original Max Moon costume, I wouldn’t sign.

8) Who are your main “travel buddies” when going to different shows?

—Because most of my non-CHIKARA engagements involve flying rather than driving, I tend to travel by myself. It’s pretty rare that I road trip by car these days.

9) Have you ever gotten “stage fright” before a match, and how did you overcome this?

—I used to get that quite a bit. Just butterflies in the stomach, so to speak. But I probably haven’t experienced that in ten years or so. No one makes me more nervous to wrestle than Jorge Rivera, though. The odds of being able to go hold-for-hold with him are just about zero.

10) Do you ever see hardcore fights coming into CHIKARA?

—Maybe a satire of the cliches of garbage wrestling, but that’s probably about it.

11) How do you feel on Ring Of Honor and their recent TV deal?

—It’s too soon to know how it will affect them. In two or three months, we might better understand what will come of it.

12) Who, out of your current students, could be the next star?

—Any and all of them, really. Each has their own unique potential.

13) If you could have one match against any wrestler, dead or alive, that you haven’t fought before, who would it be?

—I think I get asked this in every interview I’ve ever done, and I like to change up the answer. So let’s say Owen Hart this week.

14) Finally, what advice would you have for anyone looking to get into wrestling?

—Get trained by someone reputable, with good international contacts, unless you want to languish in obscurity for years and years. That’s what happened to me.

And now for some less serious questions asked….

15) Do you fear Scandal dvd Seasons 1-5 Chuck Norris?

—Of course.

16) Burger King or McDonald’s?

—McDonald’s. Not even close. BK is for jabrones.

17) Favorite band and/or song?

—I’m a big They Might Be Giants fan. Probably have more TMBG Cd’s than any other in my collection.

18) If you were President, how would you deal with the current economy crisis?

—I have never felt so ill-equipped to answer a question. Pass?

19) Have you heard about the bird?

—I have heard that the bird is the word.

20) Favorite Video Game?

—I love playing the Fire Pro series, and on my PC, I used to be addicted to a game called Freedom Force, a few years back.

21) Have you ever worn a Tutu?

—I am fairly certain I have not.

22) Favorite all time movie?

—That’s tough. I’m a big fan of just about all superhero movies, going back to the 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman film. I’ve probably watched “Glengarry Glen Ross” more times than any other movie. Maybe “UHF.”

23) Favorite TV show?

—I never miss an episode of “Lost.” I also really enjoy “The X-Files” and “Fawlty Towers.”

Well thank you very much Mike for your time, we here at TWG very much appreciate you doing this interview with us today. All the best to you this coming year with Chikara and with other matches you may have around the world.

Now just how great was that? But thats not all my readers, no, Ive been a busy bee and have secured another FOUR Indy Wrestlers for interviews. So in the coming weeks I shall be bringing you interviews with:

Shimmer & NWA Womens Champion, Ms Chif

CZW wrestler, and part of my last article, SeXXXy Eddy

CZW wrestler and BLK Out member, Sabian

Chikara wrestler and member of “Super Smash Brothers”, Stupefied / Player Dos

Though by the time you read this, the Ms Chif interview should be already done, but if anyone has ANY questions at all for the others, please leave a comment below and I shall do my best to ask them your question when the interview is done. I would like to thank you all for reading this week, my apologies for the delay in articles but I hope that the interviews more than make up for it.

Until next time…. this has been Hazed & Confused.

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